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Fundamental Long-term Wealth Building

Financial Advisors have no way of making sure you don’t lose money in the market, without having to give up the chance to participate in much higher gains if the market continues to rise. Typical Financial Advisor’s best alternative to try and match what we do is a guarantee of 3-4 percent, this is before their fees and typically is tied up for 5-10 years.
When your money is tied up in 401ks, mutual funds and IRA’s, the market corrects/crashes/drops four times faster that when it goes up. There are a number of things that we go through mentally as we follow the market down. Ever hear from your advisor, “Let’s leave it in because we don’t want to miss the gains when it come back?” The problem is that you end up following the market down further and further.
We can insure that you never see a 1987, 2001 or 2008 again……never have that sick feeling in your stomach when your money is locked up in that diving market and your Financial guy/gal says “You want to leave it in to take advantage of the gains when it comes back.”

Market crashes will set your portfolio back 5, 10 or 15 years. The stress is multiplied tenfold if you are coming up on retirement and a crash hits. Ten years later the only reason your account got back to where it was before the last crash was because YOU kept contributing after the crash. Problem is, 10 years went by and your portfolio’s balance, less the money you’ve put in since after the crash, is just a tad higher than it was before the crash. Again, only more because YOU contin ued to put into it since the last crash.

West Coast Swiss Group will make sure you never lose money again and never again eliminate the most powerful financial vehicle to build wealth……compounding interest. By preventing you from losing money, WCSG can give you an actual retirement date given my current assets and how much I want every month in retirement and why can’t Financial Advisors? Your financial future is much more predictable and not at the mercy of the volatile stock market. Here’s a little math on how long it takes to come back from a stock market:

Say you have $500,000.00 saved and the next big correction (crash) hits your 401k, IRA, stocks and you lose 40% (which many Americans lost more than this in 2008), about $200,000, how many years will it take to “come back” at an average of 5% net gains per year after fees and taxes? That’s about 8 years to come back. This time element of money is why you don’t want to LOSE money.

Ask yourself why your financial advisor, planner or strategists have never brought up these concepts of money. Could it be that their financial interests are tied to the success of the Dow Jones, S & P and NASDAQ, not your interests? Why are we the only country in the world that has a 401k? Would it be because the government knows that consumer confidence will promote spending, where by furthering stock market increases? 401ks are an insurance policy for the government to lock up money so the stock market will be guaranteed to increase.

The soft music, the nice receptionist, the degree from Stanford, the cucumber water and all the big financial words have a way of giving credibility to a financial advisor and encouraging you to surrender to their pitch. We’re saying that net results matter and that most people are not seeing nearly what they thought they should have after having played by their advisor’s rules all those years. Why not get a fresh perspective on the most important thing that guides your life….. your money?

Here you can find quick videos expanding on some of our strategies, philosophies & products. We are currently under re construction. Please come back and visit us in a week.

Ever start to think that portfolio investing is so confusing that you need a financial advisor to help them to your money? Maybe it’s by design. Get educated on our blog. Time to get in touch, stay in touch and get educated about your money. Your education is our advantage. Check out our extremely educational and entertaining Money Series with Money Making Mark and Regular Joe.


Todd Wille
CEO, American Business Association Turnaround CEO of the Year

I’m a CFO by trade. WCSG has strategies for families, executive & business owners that accountants and financial advisors don’t have. Highest recommendation.

John Johnson

Probate Attorney, As an attorney, my job is to weigh risk. As an investor, weighing risk and reward is even more important. As someone retiring in next 15 years, I wanted to eliminate the risks of a stock market crash. WCSG does this better than any other company.