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Focus and simplicity will make your employee’s retirement yodel.

What if we told you that all of this information would not be nearly as important from an employee happiness & company profitability perspective if your employees knew two things?

Employees knew they had the highest returning 401k administrator on the planet as their 401k administrator.
Employees knew they had other options rather than just a 401k.

Your employees are sometimes your company’s best recruiters.

This conversation is one had often by our client’s employees on
play dates with moms on the weekends, “This company really cares
about us. We have the highest returning 401k plan administrator and our
company does not railroad us into having 401ks….they give us other
options that some choose and some don’t.” When your employees
know you have their financial backs, the same old headaches of turn
over and recruiting and the costs associated with these tasks will be
minimized significantly.

At West Coast Swiss Group, we believe that by focusing singularly on
only your employees financial security, their portfolios and your
company profits will yodel.

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Todd Wille
CEO, American Business Association Turnaround CEO of the Year

I’m a CFO by trade. WCSG has strategies for families, executive & business owners that accountants and financial advisors don’t have. Highest recommendation.

John Johnson

Probate Attorney, As an attorney, my job is to weigh risk. As an investor, weighing risk and reward is even more important. As someone retiring in next 15 years, I wanted to eliminate the risks of a stock market crash. WCSG does this better than any other company.