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But a 1-2% Fee Seems Reasonable, Right?

Did you know that if you net 5% in a year and your fee is 1%, your broker has taken 20% of your profits and all the money that you would make for decades after on that amount, PLUS he/she will take that in all subsequent years?

When it comes to saving money, the Swiss are very astute. They hold dear the Power of Compounding Interest principle. Graphs can tell a thousand tales when it comes to your returns and the removal of the power of compounding interest with the introduction of fees. This particular graph is very telling of the impact of seemingly small fees. You can easily see how the various fees effect a portfolio over 30 years. What if we told you that most people don’t know what they are being charged in fees from their advisors let alone all the hidden fees? We charge no fees. Our compensation is built into what is charged to you.v

Though you may not know how to back out how much you are actually paying in fees currently, West Coast Swiss Group gladly educates you on this. We want your business. Here is a look at what the fees are costing you. Only one of many ways we improve your returns more than Financial Advisors and Accountants can. Let’s see just how those itzy bitzy fees decimate returns.

Key Observations:

About $1,000,000.00 difference between 0% & 3% fee after 30 years.
About $750,000.00 difference between 0% & 2% fee after 20 years.
There is about a $600,000.00 difference between being charged 1% and 3% fee.
Nearly $400,000.00 are taken from you if you have a 1% fee rather than no fees like we charge.

Though this may be discouraging, it is not too late. Be the person that went out and got another perspective and “look” and just didn’t go along with what they “thought” was ok and was kind of working. This is your retirement. Your job is not to trust your financial advisor, it’s to make sure you are getting the best situation for your retirement. We’ll make it yodel….that’s a promise.

Here you can find quick videos expanding on some of our strategies, philosophies & products. We are currently under re construction. Please come back and visit us in a week.

Ever start to think that portfolio investing is so confusing that you need a financial advisor to help them to your money? Maybe it’s by design. Get educated on our blog. Time to get in touch, stay in touch and get educated about your money. Your education is our advantage. Check out our extremely educational and entertaining Money Series with Money Making Mark and Regular Joe.


Todd Wille
CEO, American Business Association Turnaround CEO of the Year

I’m a CFO by trade. WCSG has strategies for families, executive & business owners that accountants and financial advisors don’t have. Highest recommendation.

John Johnson

Probate Attorney, As an attorney, my job is to weigh risk. As an investor, weighing risk and reward is even more important. As someone retiring in next 15 years, I wanted to eliminate the risks of a stock market crash. WCSG does this better than any other company.