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No fees, historically higher than CD returns AND
never lose value in your portfolio again.

As retirement approaches, wouldn’t it be great to have a company that could give you better rates than CD’s, but protect your portfolio from devastating market crashes such as ’87, ’01, ’08? Your advisor ever tell you “Oh, the market will always come back after your portfolio was being pounded by a market crash” ? Yes, but HOW LONG will it take to come back, right? What about all the years it takes your portfolio to get back to the number you had just before the last crash? What if West Coast Swiss Group could show you considerably higher historical rates of return than CDs, prevent your portfolio from ever losing value AND not charge you  one penny of those seemingly small (1-3%), but portfolio devastating fees? 3 things financial advisors cannot do. We get you excited because we can give you a predictable retirement that is immune to market crashes. Predictability & peace of mind are on the way.

Insuring Portfolios Against Market Crashes

Insuring Portfolios Against Market Crashes

Seemingly Small Fees Devastate Retirements.

Seemingly Small Fees Devastate Retirements.

Business Owners & Executives Love Our Tax & Bonus Strategies!

Business Owners & Executives Love Our Tax & Bonus Strategies!

401K, Mutual Fund & IRA Myths Revealed

401K, Mutual Fund & IRA Myths Revealed

When Employees are<br />
Secure, Company<br />
Productivity Soars!

When Employees are
Secure, Company
Productivity Soars!

Graphs can speak a thousand words.

Ever wonder how much of your portfolio is the money you put into your 401K, IRA or Mutual Fund versus how much your advisor has actually made you in last 10, 20 or 30 years? It can be confusing getting hit with each Financial Advisor pitch you hear, right? “We only make money when you do.” We charge a flat fee.” “We are Fiduciaries.” “We provide Wealth Guard protection.” These pitches are all desperate attempts to camouflage the facts that they will charge you devastating fees, they can’t promise that you’re retirement will never lose 20, 30, 50% in a crash, guarantee you much higher returns than 3-4 % AND/OR allow you to take advantage of the market in an up year. We are going to give you peace of mind and make your retirement yodel.

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Todd Wille
I’m a CFO by trade. WCSG has strategies for families, executive & business owners that accountants and financial advisors don’t have. Highest recommendation.

— Todd Wille

CEO, American Business Association Turnaround CEO of the Year

John Johnson
Probate Attorney, As an attorney, my job is to weigh risk. As an investor, weighing risk and reward is even more important. As someone retiring in next 15 years, I wanted to eliminate the risks of a stock market crash. WCSG does this better than any other company.

— John Johnson


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