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Bonds & munis had always been the “go to” for the foundational portion of high net worth portfolios.

Retrieve higher returns, tax advantaged instruments & zero possibility of ever losing money in the backbone of your plan.

Bonds & munis have always been the core of most all high net worth portfolios….…. but products evolve.

At WCSG, we deliver higher historicals, have value added tax strategies & eliminate crashes that Financial Advisors, Fidelity and Vanguard do not offer, let alone match. Our consistency will be your peace for the solid part of your portfolio.

Here you can find quick videos expanding on some of our strategies, philosophies & products. We are currently under re construction. Please come back and visit us in a week.

Ever start to think that portfolio investing is so confusing that you need a financial advisor to help them to your money? Maybe it’s by design. Get educated on our blog. Time to get in touch, stay in touch and get educated about your money. Your education is our advantage. Check out our extremely educational and entertaining Money Series with Money Making Mark and Regular Joe.


Todd Wille
CEO, American Business Association Turnaround CEO of the Year

I’m a CFO by trade. WCSG has strategies for families, executive & business owners that accountants and financial advisors don’t have. Highest recommendation.

John Johnson

Probate Attorney, As an attorney, my job is to weigh risk. As an investor, weighing risk and reward is even more important. As someone retiring in next 15 years, I wanted to eliminate the risks of a stock market crash. WCSG does this better than any other company.